cabinet refacing kitchen cabinetsDo you find yourself avoiding certain cabinets in your kitchen because of piles of clutter hiding behind the doors? We offer a full range of kitchen cabinet accessory options in our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Projects to help you organize and make the best use of your kitchen space!

When we reface your cabinets, we can increase convenience and usability with slide out shelving! Slide out shelves make it significantly easier to sort through pots, pans, and other commonly used kitchen items. Pull-out pantry shelves also allow you to easily reach the items stored in the way back, so they don’t sit forgotten and unused.

Whether you need spice racks, pull out shelving, sink trays, pull out trash cans, or all of the above – we can add it into your kitchen cabinets so that you’re able to store & find all of your necessities with ease.

Learn more about pull-out shelving & other additions you can add to your kitchen cabinet refacing remodel on our Cabinet Accessories page!