Brighten Your Kitchen With Decorative Glass

Are you stuck with a small kitchen space that makes you want to avoid daily use? Small rooms, especially ones packed with furniture and lacking windows, can get depressingly dark in the winter time.

Glass cabinet doors can make your St Louis kitchen feel bigger, brighter, and warmer. Glass reflects light, which brightens up dark and tightly packed rooms.

Cabinets with glass doors also create an illusion of depth, especially when they store a few of your favorite display pieces. Placing glass front cabinets near windows doubles the benefit – extra light and a reflected view. The added visual depth to your cabinets makes your space feel roomier, and the light reflecting off the glass will make your kitchen sparkle.

Cabinet Coverup can help you add some beautiful accents to your kitchen cabinets with clear or decorative glass. Check out our gallery to see more examples our glass cabinet doors that we’ve installed across St Louis. If you like what you see, give us a call today to discuss your ideas for your kitchen!