Kitchen cabinets receive constant use along with exposure to food, grease and water. In other words, they take a lot of abuse. Over the years, they can begin to look quite worn, old and outdated. Cabinet refacing is a less expensive and easier alternative to a complete replacement of kitchen cabinets. Because it is mainly the doors and handles or knobs that take the wear, simply resurfacing the doors can make the kitchen look as good as if you had gone to the expense of replacing the entire cabinets.


The benefits of cabinet refacing is that it makes a kitchen look newer and less worn out. Refacing cabinets gives an opportunity to update the look of a kitchen to something more contemporary as well as adding new accessories if desired. New appearance and fashionable style not only increase the enjoyment of the home for the current owners, it also increases the resale value of the home substantially.


A total replacement of kitchen cabinetry is a major undertaking. It requires extensive demolition, and often rewiring and plumbing changes as well. In addition to the costs of materials and labor, the homeowners often need to live elsewhere while the work is being done, adding further to their costs and the disruption of their lives. In contrast, cabinet refacing can often be completed in as little as 2-5 days, with almost no on-site demolition required.

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